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Caldera blended

Weight:1800.00 63oz RTF!

Dieter Perlick & Peter Kowalski's Caldera is a F3X exclusive. The model is well known and highly sought after, once you see one you will want it. 2-piece v-tail and 2-piece wings, fuse ballast, nose cone. All carbon wings and fuse. FAST, FAST , FAST. Super quick on the controls. Lightweight and strong. Super performance for the edge flying we do at Whitepoint/Ferman and in No Cal on the ocean slopes and is killer inland as well. Look over the race results! Calderas win! Win on Sunday sell on Monday! This is the 2nd "Team" model brought to you by F3X. This Caldera and the Freestyler have a edge over all the rest.


Caldera scheme.

2 colors included in cost.

3 colors are $40.00 extra.

$ Call