F3X Glider Accessories

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Sailplane Backpacks. Easily carry 2 F3X models to the slope plus a jacket and lunch or 1 scale ship. Lightweight but strong fabric material. Dividers for wings and a stab and wingrod pocket. $99.95

Seiko S321 Countdown timer Stopwatch. The perfect watch for F3X competition. Easy to set target time. First class positive click pushbuttons.


This watch will last a long time, mine is 15 years old and working perfectly!

Spend your money only once and get the Seiko. Stop buying cheap clones year after year.

Robic SC 707

F3J timing:

Set the 5 programmable countdown timers to keep total track of the slot. Depending on how the contest is ran, If the CD gives you a 1 or 2 minute warning signal then try this:

  • 1st: Set for 1 or 2 minutes (depending on when the slot will start)
  • 2nd: Set for 5 minutes (1/2 way through)
  • 3rd: Set for 3 minutes (Will signal 2 minutes left 5+3= 8 of 10)
  • 4th: Set for 1 minute (1 to go)
  • 5th: Set for 1 minute (End of slot)

What this will do is mark the 2 minutes prior to the start of the slot. The countdown will roll over to the next programed time automatically to sound at the 10min round, sound at 5min to go, 2 min to go, 1min to go and the end of the 10 minute slot. Push just one button and have complete slot timing at a glance. Keep the Seiko handy for timing the flight. Its also a different shape than the Seiko so you can start it by feel and not get the watches mixed up! (No that NEVER happens!)

Multi Function Countdown Timer for AMA TD

This WILL do the countdown we need for TD. It's not as easy to set up as the Seiko (nothing is) but it does what we want and a lot more. The buttons are good and the watch is a quality product. This watch will last for years.

This will not give the 3-2-1-0 beeps like the Seiko. There are no beeps until after countdown reaches 0 then multiple beeps (like a alarm) for +3 seconds.

During the countdown mode the watch has 2 lines of display. 1 counting down and the 2nd counting up. You get both without having to push a button. You show the landing judge the elapsed time for your duration score. It's easy

For HLG:.

5 pre set countdowns. Great for HLG comps. It also records "timed laps" so in a HLG contest where fast turnaround time is needed you just push one button at the throw and the same button at the catch. It will recall 99 duration times this way without having to stop to record the time, reset the watch, repeat. With the Robic just push the same button then you can recall every duration for the round, The Seiko WILL NOT do that.


I have used one for 4 years for F3F timing without any trouble.

  • Dual lap/split chronograph
  • 100 dual split memory
  • 1/1000 second precision
  • 16 hour range
  • Automatic lap counter to 99
  • Auto lap/split release
  • Target timer records actual times and compares to desired goals, input up to five (5) target times
  • Multi-mode countdown timer: Stop, Repeat or Count-up
  • 1/10 second precision to 16 hours
  • Time of day, calendar, alarm
  • Input up to five (5) separate Target times
  • Preset up to five (5) individual Countdown time values
  • Countdown will cycle, or loop, through 5 preset times
  • 1 year warranty

F3J Hand winch. Contest proven design with extra spools. Will easily hold 200 LB tow line.

Order the set and be contest ready!

$59.95 winch & 1 spool.

$99.95 winch & 4 spools.

Extra spools $15.95ea.

F3J / F3B 6 panel Chute:  Strong, Light, low drag, welded rings, braided line, FAI legal.



DCP00198.JPG (391557 bytes)F3B/F3J pulley. $75.00 



F3J/F3B tow line. 130lb 900yd spool! 39.95