Furio X or V tail. NOW NEW 2-piece V-Tail fuse!




Area:992 in2

How to build one.

Set Up info


This model dominated the SCSR slope scene in 2006/2007. It's now available with a new single piece fuse/canopy configuration and a 2-piece v-tail. The model is lighter and stiffer! F3B weights are easily under 75oz and F3F versions about 78oz RTF! That's WITH servos! RTF = Ready To Fly. No need to get the Furio on Jenny Craig and its durable! Models built right are not heavy, they are light, stiff and strong!

Furio is kicking butt and taking names on the F3B and in F3F and man on man racing. Anything requiring SPEED. The Furio is your choice. UHM spar and super stiff wing on an AFFORDABLE & Available World Class F3B model.

Superb fit and finish on the new Furio. If high performance F3B, TD, F3F, Slope or sport flying turn you on. Look closely at the Furio!

  • Completely NEW CNC model.
  • New Propriety airfoil. (HN 483- The ARIS uses a slightly modded version of the HN483)
  • 2-piece wing
  • cross tail or V-tail and now a 2-piece v-tail option.
  • Designed for F3B, could make a good high performance F3J model. Working GREAT on the F3F course!
  • Different lay ups are available from LT D-tube to Carbon to Ultra Stiff UHM carbon.

UHM carbon F3B/F version Stiff! Should build out at 76oz or so. Look for the How To build one on this page.

2/06 I just got the new V tail version, 62oz Kit weight and so stiff!