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Cleaning out the hangar.

What can I say? I keep a knockin' but nobody's home :-(

Alexis has been busy lately check out the new Prodij HM on RCG. Did you want the baddest 1.5m for the front side??? Get one!

I have a few specials going on so if you want a X21, Furio, Tanga, Precious, Acacia 2 call me.

Nan parts, Selling off all the remaining Nan parts. Shadow, Xperence pro & Speed parts. Some complete models and lots of parts.

6/03/1012 Still Breathn' Hello, Not much happening @ F3X for a while at least on line, I have been busy with the other side of the business..making composite parts and it's been good lately. As for toys we still have the best Thermal ship available. the Tragi 801x, the other guys are catching up but it has taken them 3+ years and they still are not there on quality or performance. I have a club of tragi owners putting the hurt to the other top designs in what they call the Death Match! Man on man dead evening air all up last down. Add to that the exceptional LD at mid speed and you have a model that will outfloat and get you to the other thermal first and highest. Not bad. While the Tragi costs haven't been increased the other guys are at the same price when you add the extras that I include standard plus they go up every chance they get. Keep a smart eye out and you will see.
11/3/2010 New toy New old toy. Guys stuff!
11/2/2010 Freestylers are in Sweet, I will post all the pics of the new RDS version. Prepare to drool!
7/5/2010 Tragi 801 In stock, new shipment just in.
5/7/2010 Wassup!!

Hello, back on line again after a Looooooong contract project that is now finished! Wohoo now I can be a bum again and peddle model airplanes and get in some fishing on my boat!!

TRAGI 801X! What more can I say? Its the REAL deal. Quit whining about the cost!! COMPAIR the quality, weight, strength, handling and landing performance against the competitors models. Either buy something else at +80oz that lands like a barge or something that is a lottery on structure, weight & quality and see what part falls off next but wait!! You can save 200.00 if you buy that one :-)

1/07/2010 Happy new year!

Lets see what's new... Tragi's are in customs so I will get them very soon. Only 1 or 2 left and the next batch have a cost increase. I am doing a Aeromod order so if you want something let me know ASAP. Its been a while since I restocked the Aeromod toys call me and don't miss out.

Freestyler3 are coming. You should know by now if you want a FS3 you need to get on the list. They are never in stock and always in demand. I try but they go as fast as they arrive.

I will have a big blow out of in stock models and misc spare parts soon. I am in the middle of a composite contract but as soon as I get the time I need to move a lot of boxes. I am not giving them away but the prices are WAY better than the competition and a one time clearance.

9/16/09 New news Tragi is the word. Its the real deal. I received 4 early this year to test and all 4 models were within a 1 oz RTF of each other. The RTF weight for a full carbon 2.4 Tragi 801X is 67~68oz. Dude! This is full tow strength, no flutter, no broken wing boxes :-) no quality issue model RTF at a super competitive weight! This is what the competition promises but CAN'T deliver.
3/15/09 News.

Tangas are back in stock! I have F3B and the new F3F version. Some with RDS many colors! Super quality. These are pimped out w/wing & V bags, harness & ballast.

SALPeters are actually on the way in. Guys on the list get first dibs!

Stobel 2 are also on the way in. New version, RDS super quality. Just in time for the IHLGF and time to practice!

Tragi 801 are also in transit. Looking for a 3.6m all carbon F3J, 2.4 friendly model @67oz??? Don't settle for less. Tragi quality is unsurpassed!

Calderas are available again!! Whooohooo. I have 2 in stock in the US and 4 in Europe ready for delivery. You know you always wanted one!

1/3/2009 Happy New Year!

Wow what a way to start off the year, boxes and boxes of new models. Tangas, Freestylers, Zenith 3.7's, Caldera's all came in. All 2.4 Friendly as well! I m a y b e e will have 1 Zenith 3.7 left from this group in stock so if you are interested let me know soon because I am notifying the Zenith list!

The TANGAS look exceptional! I really mean this they are sweet!! If you get a chance you have to come and see one. Intro price for the F3B version is 1799.00 also RDS is available for a little more!

At this time I have 1 Freestyler3 in stock...I don't think I ever said that before. Tired of compromises??? Get a Freestyler and get on your game.

USA F3B Team members Mike Smith and Mike Lachowski are getting Tangas and Tom Kiesling & Mike Lachowski are flying freestylers! When performance counts they know where the Pro Shop is!

11/21/2008 Tanga The new world beater from Breta Models. The Tanga is a top shelf F3B and F3F machine. Tanga is earning a great rep already and the season hasn't started yet. The USA will get Tanga and special Tanga F3F versions. The Tanga F3B uses only the latest hi tech materials for stiffness and strength at a light weight. The cost of materials is way higher but this is what it takes to be on top in today's contest world. The Tanga F3F will use a standard carbon cloth that is typically used on high end F3F models for strength and impact resistance, this will be heavier than the Tanga B for slope use and abuse at a better competitive price point! F3X will stock models and spares for each version. Do you like 'em fast, strong, high quality?? Get on the list NOW NOW NOW. I will have 4~5 of the B versions by the end of 2008, one is mine :-) the big shipment will be here in February with F and B versions. Oops almost forgot; factory Installed RDS is a Tanga option!
10/26/2008 Hello It's been VERY busy. I am just about finished with the "REAL WORK" and can get spend more time on the model business. I just posted a special sale on New Precious and New Furio 3 models. These are New, 2.4 friendly noses and full carbon models. The Furio swept the SCSR F3F season last year. The Furio 3 is the newest version with the 2-piece v tail, skinny fuse and canopy. "The FAST one!" The Precious is state of the art F3B ship, UHM carbon airframe. I put these 2 on Super Special with the best servos --JR Digitals! I only have about 4 of each left so when these deals are gone they are gone at this price!
8/19/08 Quick Update I am working on a Composite job for the government so I have been away and hard to reach, This should last 6 more weeks then I am back playing with toys full time. As for new arrivals I have just in the F3F Furios, I had them made extra beefy for F3F use, Not a +90oz overweight but firm, stiff & sound 80oz for California F3F also 2.4 friendly noses! In the same box I have the Precious F3B w/2.4 noses, HM carbon models Top quality! Top performance!!
5/29/08 Stobel's are in! Finally here! Quality is the BEST I have seen in a DLG!
5/7/08 News

Just some news: Freestyler delivery is in transit. They are making deliveries every other month and are all still sold out before they land! Tim Bigley tore up the USA VRQ with his taking top honors in 20 rounds of competition Tim!!!

Speaking of the USA Viking race team it will consist of: Target, Warren Day, Kyle Paulson, Doug Reel and our Jr pilot Kyler Paulson! Go Team USA!! This team can use your support so If you want to make a donation send me a email. The team will have a link to donate online soon. Look for it!

Aris are IN stock! All these have the very cool naked carbon bottoms! Easily has the most wins of any F3F model in the last 4 years!

DLG! Stobel's are on their way, SALpeters are behind. I am desperately working to get them here before the Poway contest in time for assembly and test flights. We may have to expedite delivery instead of slow boat. That will increase the price per model...Sorry.

Calderas are in the molds, he has a few left to finish before shipment. Most of this batch is EU bound!

Zenith 3.7. I should have them ready in a few more weeks. I don't have a exact schedule delivery and I will post when I get more info.


4/15/2008 Tax Day Update!

Just a quickie, Freestylers are coming in as scheduled, Calderas are in production after a new Fuse mold was put in service (we needed it so we did it!)

DLG: Stobel are on track, SALpeters too. RAD2 in stock. More of each on order!

New Furios: I have on "Special Order" a new F3F Furio, 1 grade heavier carbon skin, spar to the wing tip. 2.4ghz friendly nose. In the USA I sell many Furios for F3F and not so much for F3B so I asked for a F3F version that is stronger for a small increase in weight. I expect these to be RTF @ 78oz. Still light enough to keep the excellent handling and more robust for our slope landings.

Shadow 2.4ghz friendly noses are coming.

3/19/08 STOBEL DLG Look what we added!!!
2/25/08 SALpeter I have SALpeters coming in May so if your looking for the next world beater get in line. The SALpeter is the latest evolution of the Aspirin from Germany. These look exactly like the Aspirin but have a new single piece fuse and different airfoil. Photos are coming so keep an eye out BUT if you want one for the IHLGF you better call me ASAP or miss out on the May delivery.
2/23/2008 I am back!

New PC for F3X.COM and FINALLY got Dreamweaver working again so I can update the site. WoooHooo! So now that I am back on line let me get you up to date!

First off the Freestylers are coming every other month! We had 2 deliveries and expect a 3rd in about 2 weeks so get on the list! Add to that news a big Congratulations to Tim Bigley for winning the Pt. Ferman F3F with the Freestyler on its first race! So the winning ways continue for the Freestyler. This model has been in the top spot since day 1 of its introduction in EU and now has continued the trend in the USA! You know where to go when you want to win! F3X.COM!!

Calderas are finally moving again, after a mold disaster a new fuse mold was made and production has restarted. A new batch should be available in a few weeks and fill the remaining orders. It's a tough call what to get between the Caldera and Freestyler. Both are highly desirable and in the USA the Caldera is a bit less cost. For a acrobatic sport model the choice is clearly the Caldera! If you have ever seen the Kowalski's sport fly the Caldera you know the capabilities!!!

Aris are in stock! More on the way also. Want the WINNINGIST F3F model of the 21st Century??? Get an ARIS. Top build and top performance.

New Furio 3 are in stock! Let me clarify: The Furio started out as a + tail with a canopy fuse, then a V tail with nose cone and skinny fuse (this version was used to win the GM2D and the SCSR league in 2006 & 2007) and now a 2-piece V tail, skinny fuse with Canopy! So let's call them Furio series 1, 2 & 3.

Precious are here and gone! Top shelf F3B model and not too shabby on the F3F course. If F3B is your thing get one! Its the best ever from the Breta Models stable!

I am up to my neck with real composite work so I will be in and out for the next 4 weeks. Please if you can't reach me leave a message or send a email!

More to come!

11/1/07 Nan models are IN! I just received the shipment today, LOTS of Shadow x tails, Lots of Speed 2.0 ALL CARBON Slopers and Speed 2.0 Electric's! Don't forget about the Speed 1.5 Electric models with ALL CARBON WINGS!
10/19/07 What a year in racing! The pilots flying F3X.com models pretty much had a clean sweep of all the top places in USA 2007 F3F again as well as 2006!. Many Northern and Southern California comps were won easily by ARIS &, Furio. Don't forget the man on man season! Furio; the only store bought model in the ISR fly offs and the winner of the Grass Mountain 2 Day! F3X doesn't have any "Team Pilots" so the models chosen by these guys they pay for. They buy them because they want the best. With the first deliveries of the Freestyler FINALLY happening and the USA introduction of the Caldera plus the new 2-piece V tail Furio and all new Precious and continued ARIS support I don't see any change for the next years racing either! Shop where the pros shop...www.F3X.com! And there are a few new surprise's coming in 2008!
10/13/07 Euro ^ USD Yep the dollar fell hard last month and I am no expert but it looks like a trend for a while, this of course means increased costs and therefore increased prices for the best Europe imports. Sorry.
10/13/07 I am home! I had a great trip, got a lot of work done, flew in the German F3F Nationals at a super slope site and took care of some much needed business. I have models coming in by the truck load so keep an eye out for updates!
9/22/07 Caldera's + Euro trip! The Caldera production is moving very well, 16 models built, 10 more in 3 weeks and deliveries are made and a few are now racing! There should be a few at the German F3F nationals in 2 weeks. I will be in Europe from Sept 25 to October 11 so please send emails and I will reply as soon as possible, I should have Internet access about every other day. While I am in Czech I will arrange shipment of a large order of models and work on new design with the boys.
9/22/07 Freestylers! I have the first delivery and the models are out to the lucky owners. I will post a few close up shots when I can. Guys, these were worth the wait! Look at the deign and execution, these are really super. Forget about 90oz overweight models if you want the best F3F than the Freestyler and Caldera are it.
8/29/07 Geek Squad! OK after doing a LOT of research on a GPS for my trips to Europe (Dude YOU need one in Europe!) I thought I would share what I learned: Most GPS units have either North America or Europe maps ...not both! You can get the Europe maps for North American models but the maps cost a LOT darn near as much as a new unit. The only major players to really consider in the USA are the Garmin and Tomtom. The Garmin has 2 units at the moment that have USA and Europe maps included and the Tomtom has only 1. The Garmin 370 and 670 are the same but the 670 has the larger screen (you want the larger screen) The Tomtom GO 910 is also a the larger 4.0 screen. The Tomtom has a lot of extras like bluetooth for hands free calling, 12gb of free disc space for Mp3, books on tape and it can run your Ipod through it! Plus the Tomtom comes with most accessories in the box! The cool thing to add is the FM mount; it sends the Tomtom voice nav and mp3 to your car stereo! I don't know if you have been in a rental car in Europe but the stations aren't very good to listen to, and talk radio is in a different language (duh) So the FM transmitter unit is Very cool! Like I said it also is a hands free bluetooth phone. I was able to easily upload my phonebook to my Tomtom automatically. Super easy to use. I am told the Tomtom has a little better street level maps of Europe than the Garmin. I do know that the Tomtom 910 has the streets of the small village of one of the builders I see. Super street level detail in the CZ! That's good coverage. Of course the major western Europe cities are covered also. I can also pre set my routs on the Tomtom at home and save the route to recall later! A new update is the Tomtom has a traffic antenna available for FREE traffic and its coming to the USA market soon. The Garmin is a bit more expensive and has a SD slot for use like a hard drive, photo viewer, Mp3 player and updates. Its thinner. Both units have millions of points of interest including restaurants, hotels, parks, airports and about anything you would look up in the yellow pages. Anyway there are so many features on these things you can spend hours playing with them. So one reason I am sharing all this valuable info is to save you some time if your looking and that F3X will start selling the Tomtom and Garmin GPS. I will probably only carry the USA/Europe versions and not the whole line. Look for a new section on the site with other Cool stuff!
8/20/07 Calderas are coming! The first 5 are ready to ship for old customers off Dieter's list. I will get just 1 of the 5 for me then 10 more are ready by the end of the next month. I have slots available and from these 10 about 5 will come to the USA if you ask now you will get one! Cost is 1200.00 Euros delivered in most EU countries. The USD price is dependant on the exchange rate at time of shipment. I will be at Rugen for the German F3F 10/06/07 and can make delivery personally if we pre arrange something.
8/01/07 Is F3B Back? There is renewed interest in F3B around California and maybe some in your area as well. F3X is behind this effort and has the right models and equipment to help you along. I am in the process of making new F3B winches incorporating ideas and improvements from team USA and others. F3J can benefit as well as the future in local F3J comps is F3B winches. You know it's coming! Also models for all levels. As usual no junk here at F3X - the Pro Shop!
7/27/07 Speed 1.5 Guys, I just saw a Glass 1.5m version sold under a lot of names. The F3X Speed 1.5 is so far Superior to the glass versions its not even funny. I was wondering why they are not flying off the shelves by the 100's and now I now why, The glass versions suck! I had a idea but never really played with one until now. If you looking for the most bang for the buck 1.5m buy the Speed 1.5 carbon. You won't be sorry. For only 50.00 more! Are you Kidding!! Add my ballast option and get out and smoke 'em.
6/15/2007 Pre Orders I have had a few issue's lately with customers placing orders and not following through. I am happy to secure a model for you so please do your best to honor the commitment. Thank you.
6/15/2007 All mine! Sorry but every now and then I need a little "Me Time" and here is my new Altus from Dieter. I have been waiting for a few years to get this little guy. Look here!
6/15/2007 Page upgrades I did a little reorganizing on the site, dropped some old info and rearranged the format to hopefully read a bit better for you guys. I now have some extra room to add more stuff that I had in stock and can display it on the page. Look around changes are coming!
6/10/2007 News How is it going? New things to play with are either in stock now or on the way, I have the first Air-1 mini to review here and the rest being boxed up and getting ready to ship I saw the first one in April and asked for some changes to suit the USA pilots and they are almost ready. This was the reason for the delay. The New Zenith 3.7 is on the water now and should be here next week or so. Plus Zenith parts. The Caldera project is moving with 5 models finishing in July and being shipped to customers. Its early yet but I am really excited to get this effort in the air. It's the first time ever you can just call and order a Caldera! Sweet. Freestyler 3 are due in, as expected some delays in delivery, they simply can not keep up. The guys on the list early will be served in the first shipment. New model from Breta the Precious! A new F3B design, already winning comps in the EU. There will be a few at the F3B WC plus I have 4 on order so jump in before they are gone. Furio V are also coming, these are the new 2-piece v-tail versions so transport is easy. The Precious also has the 2-piece v-tail so no worries there.
5/27/07 Summer sale
  • X21 x tail, UHM carbon. New price is 1450.00 these will go for 1150.00. 4
  • Acacia 3 V. 3meter span F3F model, New 1200.00. I have 2 left 900.00
  • Tragi 705X, New 1700.00 1 only 1400.00 F3J UHM Carbon version.
  • Speed 2.5 carbon. Mine are ALL carbon wings, not the D tubs sold by some as "Carbon". New 719.00, 4 only at 650.00/ea.
  • Zenith X tail. 1 only. New price is 1550.00. This one only 1400.00 UHM carbon F3J.
  • Shadow V. F3J models. New 1095.00 these are 975.00. I have orange, lt blue and a green in stock for you Yellow haters out there!
  • Xperince Pro X and V. new 995.00 2 only 900.00

Servos: My prices are as good a servo city so buy from me!

4/13/2007 Thank you! Thank you to Alexis and Helene of Aeromod for hosting me for the trip. It was a great pleasure to stay with you in France.
4/13/2007 News

Wow what a trip! 14 days in Europe, 3 countries, 2 contests, 26 hours return home. My ass is draggin'. Good news the Freestyler3 is REAL and smokin' The Air 1 mini is sweet. The Voltij is now available with the very cool "Nemo" paint scheme and the Alliaj is one to seriously look at for F3F in the USA. A lot of guys need to be flying this model. I made a deal to the rights for the Caldera, Yes the F3F model from the German team is all mine! Production will start in CZ soon, get your orders in. This baby screams and is the most fun sloper for sport flying and F3F I have ever flown 105" span 2-piece wing and 2-piece v-tail. Plus some more announcements coming soon!

3/23/2007 Acacia AIR-1 They are coming!
3/23/2007 Freestyler 3 Here is a tease!
3/23/2007 By By! I am out to France and Spain for 2 contests and to bring back a few toys. So F3X will close for 12 days starting March 27. PLEASE let me know if you need anything before I go so I can take care of it. Wish me luck!
3/06/07 EZG Our HSS 1 design EZG contest was a hoot. See some info here! Click me!
3/06/07 Acacia Prices are going up on the popular Acacia 2 F3F. The next shipment will be 999.00 I have 1 in stock at the old price so call me now to get it or pay more later.
3/06/07 ARIS Aris are in stock! Hurry up only 3 now available. Going fast!
2/12/07 Muller I have a big box of Muller parts! Mini Ellipse fuses and v tails, Esacpe Fuse and a few Esprit fuse's also. Need a Fuse and stab for a 1.5m project? Mini Ellipse fuse & v tail. $150.00
2/12/07 ARIS They should be here by the end of the week. At LAX now, then customs then here.
1/02/07 DLG I have the Aspirins in house and emails out to the boys on the list. I have 1 or 2 available. first come first sold. These are the Competition version with the options. Disser, composite tails & Ballast, NOT with the RDS... This shipment of models will sell for 675.00. The next shipment will be a little less if I can get more in the box An Aspirin in hand is better than one on the waiting list!
1/01/2007 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thermals and wind to all you soaring junkies!
12/20/06 It's been a while! I have just in: Shadow x tails, V tails and Xperence pro X and V tail models, ALL are Carbon D tube versions! I have: Speed 1.5 Carbon versions with extra material in the fuse! I have: Speed 1.5 E versions for hotliners! I have: Prodij's back in stock! I have the new Alliaj F3F model but just a few!!! I have Acacia 2's (the world beater!) I received the Aspirins and am calling the list ASAP! Don't for get Airtronics digital wing servos and all the JR gear you need!!
8/28/06 Out for 20 days Hello, I am off to the Viking Race in Scotland Sept 5 to Sept 20. If you need something get it now, I have TD models for Visalia and Slope models in stock. It looks like I will not make the Soaring Masters but I will see you at Visalia again!
8/09/06 Furio's Furio V tails are in! Smokin' fast! Use for F3B and F3F. I am taking mine to Scotland for the Viking Race. I love it! Why buy an imposter get the real deal in quality and performance from Breta Models.
8/09/06 X-21 are in X-21 X-tails are in, all are UHM carbon.
8/09/06 New Vendor

F3X has the Nan model line, Nan models is a big player in R/C Sailplanes with good quality at a fair price. We have the F3J Shadow, Experence Pro V & X tail along with the Slope models we will call the Speed series: We have Speed 1.5m (Carbon version), Speed 2.0m in V & X-tail and the Speed 2.6m X-tail in ALL CARBON! These same models are sold by almost every vendor in the USA so we will set F3X apart from the rest with special additions that make them our own when possible. Like the Speed 1.5 in Carbon & the all Carbon Speed 2.6m! And more cool stuff on the way. I will get the new pages up ASAP. Speed Slope

7/11/06 In Stock I have new glass Nemesis and a few carbon too! I have a box of NYX Furio and F3F NYX. Acacia 3 V tail. and the world famous Acacia 2's are in.
5/15/06 Aspirin The USA orders are under production currently but unfortunately they will not be here in time for the IHLGF June 3-4. I did get a used one while I was in France RTF and will try and bring it to the contest to drool over. Mine is 9.2oz RTF and has 4 DS281 servos and RDS linkages in the wing. The Aspirin is very easy to fly. I am not a good HLG pilot but even I can thermal this one and give it a decent launch for a old man!
3/29/06 Acacia's in A box of new Acacia2's are here, I have a new Acacia 2 DS in stock. I am having him do some upgrades and they are really looking good! For stock I am ordering yellow/blue and white/red as F3X standard. So if spare parts is worrying you buy one of those colors and you are all set. Of course I still offer custom schemes and colors! Just call! 81oz RTF, F3F winner, Man on Man winner, ISR winner, strong and tough! $100's less than less capable models! Buy a winner. Acacia 2.
3/29/06 Almost gone! Less than a week to go before I go to France and trying to tie up loose ends, taxes, VRQ issues, shipments, repairs, orders and the like. While I am there I will have time for a face to face with the Asprin producers and bring back good news I hope regarding delivery. I may not have time to get to Czech this trip, I am trying to get to Germany and look at possible cooperation with some new vendors for some exciting stuff. Czech just might have to wait for later in the summer around F3J WC time!! (Yea, Czech Republic in the summer Hmmmm.)
3/15/06 F3X invades France!

Yep, I will be going to France and attending the French Open F3F with Tim Cone and Bob Bingham then the next weekend we are off to Spain for the La Muela F3F and then I am off to Germany and Czech to visit old friends and NEW Vendors! Look out for what's coming!!

So Basically F3X is closed April 4 ~ 22 but I will have a lap top and should be able to e-mail and answer questions. If you want something in April better order it now! I will bring back a few toys and then its back to work.....

3/15/06 Wassup!

Hades 2 are in the house! Only 3 left, 2 yellow + 1 white.... I have CARBON Nemesis and CARBON Mini NYX in stock. Only 4 Zeniths left from the shipment. These have the new improved fuse with wire hole opening reinforced, no more tears on landings! Lighter than ever! How does he do it?

I have F3J/F3B pulleys here. 75.00 ea.

2/25/06 F3X Built?

I had 2 calls about a used F3F model being sold, the seller was telling potential customers that I built the model. I do build models for customers and I build them "contest ready" no BS, no cutting corners. If I put my name on them you can be assured you are getting the best.

This goes out to everyone: If you are buying a used model and the seller says I built it or I repaired it call me first and we will talk, I am more than happy to extend the same service to you if you buy one of my assembled models second hand.

2/17/06 Breta Shipment New Furio V tails in stock! WOW. All carbon, nose cone fuse, 1-piece v-tail and stiff STIFF STIFF and get this RTF @ 78oz! Hades2 are IN, Carbon Nemesis & CARBON Mini NYX are IN!
2/07/06 ARIS here!

Yep it goes to show that there are 2 and only 2 things certain in this business. # 1. They are not here until they are HERE. & # 2. You don't know what color you have until you open the box.

I am not picking on just the ARIS team but the above holds true 100% every time. Anyway I have a gorgeous supply of ARIS models that are shipping out ASAP to the guys on the list. Now get this:The next shipment is just 3 months out so you guys on the fringe call me and get in line. I got my ARIS F3B! WooHoo! What a beauty. Natural Carbon on the bottom side and not a hair out of place. Simply beautiful!!

1/30/06 Hades2 You guys looking for a great F3F ship that will ALSO thermal well. Looking for the sub $1000.00 crossover model? Looking for that first competitive F3F model? You found IT!!
1/30/06 Breta Model+ Zenith Models shipping today from both mfg.
1/23/06 ARIS Shipping today from the MFG! WoooHoo Finally! Guys on the list check out the ARIS page for options on wire harness and servo deals.
1/18/06 Need WEB guy! It's time for the old F3X to update into php so I am looking for a web guy to set me up with the shopping cart and all the online payments, shipping etc. If this is you e-mail or call me and show me what you can do!
1/18/06 Whats new for 2006?

The Acacia factory is in full support for F3X and is making a few special models like the ISR version I posted below. I am having a special 1.5m model coming & yes it's a x tail! This is a full on 1.5m Sloper/DS model.

The Zenith will start tooling for a new 3.7m F3J bird. He is very good and this will take time, I will probably see some late this year. I will know more after my visit in April.

I have a unbelievable DHLG coming The Aspirin and F3X is USA exclusive. Get the best HERE! Larry call me!!

2 New F3F models are coming and again F3X is USA exclusive, I can't spill the beans yet but you will want one!! here is a clue: word scramble = EYTERLEFR3RS

OK this is the year F3X will produce the EPP Bandit2 and the 60" Boss. Yes, I am committed to the project and CNC kits will be available shortly!

I am working with Breta Models on a new AMA TD/F3J ship. More details when they come available.

X21 will produce a x tail F3J ship. 3.6m span. Available by May 2006. I will post photos as soon as they are available.

Get all your Horizon Hobby models and parts here at F3X. I sell everything they offer from E-Flite to Glow models. If you don't see it just ask!

1/18/06 Acacia2 ISR Yep, special Acacia2 ISR version with 1.0 inch fuse ballast tube and a extra wing ballast tube. FAI max weight Man on MAN ship from the factory! Call me now to get yours reserved in time!
1/06/06 ARIS update OK here is the poop. I have just 1 wing set that will be ready in 1 week and everything will ship then, it seams that the heat went out out the ARIS plant and with temps around 6deg C let me tell you you don't want a composite wing made when it's that cold! Anyway they are back at it and F3X will fill the orders in hand ASAP.
12/20/05 Acacia 3 V tails Acacia 3 V tail models are coming in January. Check them out!
12/07/05 ARIS update 11 ARIS will ship in early January. I sent a e-mail to the ones on the ARIS list so save a little Xmas money for yourself! I have 1 pilot drop out so the next one in line slides up. The timing right before Christmas is bad but they come when they come.
10/31/05 Acacia DS I have 1 DS version just in yellow/black. I also have 3 more Acacia 2, the latest version has a bigger joiner and a few little details that improve the breed. Are you ready to fly a winner yet? Come on 895.00, tough, fast and a proven winner! How to build one is up!
10/02/05` Visalia

Just got home. Boy did I suck. I forget the last time the contest was over for me in the 2nd round! Dropped 43 seconds and no landing! I zigged when I should have zagged a few too many times. I have to wait for the scores but I might have just crawled my back into the top 20 So I think I need some TD practice!

Overall I missed a few friends that couldn't make it so it wasn't the same as before, we still had fun and and it was nice just being out of the shop in the outdoors for a few days. See you guys in Phoenix.

9/23/05 ENERGY The ENERGY shipment is delayed and I am expecting a new schedule update from the builder, I think we overwhelmed him with orders and he passed out :-)
9/23/05 Jaro Muller Models Yep. F3X will be the new dealer for Jaro Muller Models, you know basically the father of all things molded. Muller has been in the lead with molding quality from day one. I will have Elita's for F3F, Espada's for F3J. F3B and F3F. Escape LT's for AMA TD. The older models are available as well like the F3B WC E2V and the cute Mini Ellipse. Jaro has electric fuses for almost everything he makes so call me and get yours coming. And he is the spare parts king so no long wait for parts! Elita's here next week so get 'em now and don't wait! X or V tail your choice!
9/13/05 Visalia Specials! Call me if you want to get in on some Visalia Specials early. Call for JR radios, servos, Airtronics or Hiitec. I will have Seikos, Multiplex Chargers, E flite motors & Models at Visalia for Sale. I will also have 10 Stryker Molded EPP wings F/S. Stop by the F3x tent and leave me some cash!!
9/8/05 Mini NYX & Nemesis Lots to choose from. Mini NYX w/o flaps and Nemesis w/flaps.
9/8/05 Acacia F3F in! New shipment in, call for colors.
8/22/05 F3J TS

I just got back from the F3J TS in Denver. Congratulations to Tom Kiesling, Joe Wurts & Skip Miller. I had a good time last weekend that started with a 15 hour drive with Ben Clerx from So Cal to Denver, the scenery is beautiful if you have the time the drive is worth it. We needed to get our models there and we just had so much that the airlines wasn't an option.

Contest: I flew a borrowed Zenith V tail all weekend. I did OK especially with the lack of any TD practice for a while. I was in 5th place with 2 rounds to go when my contest fell apart, 2 pop off's in one round with the strong downwind launches earned a 129 pt round. The first pop of took me by surprise so I guess I overcompensated on the re launch with a jab of down and over flew the chute. Oh well I wasn't strong enough for a team position but it would have been nice to finish in the top 10. The Zenith was the right model. I flew where I wanted when I wanted. Launched in strong downwind with small towers all weekend. We had no wind, lots of wind, down wind and every condition you could think of. The Zeniths ability to test the lift with a circle without losing a lot helped me re-core the constantly moving thermals. I should get me one!

7/30/05 Holly Molly! Well I am fresh out of the Zenith X tails already (More on order and in works as we speak) I only have 2 X2!'s left from the 11 I got on Thursday. 1 Green/white/blue and 1 yellow/red UHM X tail. These last batches of Zenith's and X21's are the best examples I have seen to date.
7/26/05 Carbon

Well you might have heard that carbon is scarce these days and this is affecting carbon skinned model production. A lot of the builders are either out or are in short supply and unless more material is found we might see a production delay.

I am looking for 93 and 80g^meter2 1K woven cloth. A yard or two wont help but if you have a roll or partial roll let me know.

7/26/05 Aris I have 5 more coming and already taken. The mfg is so busy filling orders. Be patient! See carbon above.
7/19/05 new 60" X tail Yes finally a nice looking F3X level quality X tail moldy will be here soon. More photos to come!
7/19/05 V2 My first V2 flight was today, The wind has been all South here for the last 4 days so the good slopes are out but I got bored and went to Back Bay, Nice slope but no LZ. Back bay was very light as well and the DVR batteries were dead but what the heck. Off she went in minimum conditions and no recovery option. NO problem! The V2 rocks and is solid. I can't wait for a good air run and get some video for the site ( I hope it doesn't end like the Mini Falcon video) but will have to go another day.
7/16/05 JR 6102 I have a few NIB TX's available. If you are looking for a radio for your foamy or electric's check this one out. Its light and powerful with 10 model memories and 4 open mixers along with a bunch of standard mixes. It will fly a 4 servo wing w/v tail and 6 servo 3D models. Absolutely great first commuter radio. $130.00 w/3-year warranty, charger.
7/16/05 V2 V2 build page is now up. Check it out!
7/08/05 Servos Why order your servos from someone else? I have JR, Airtronics & Hitec for every model I sell. Ask about servo packages with your next model!
6/25/05 Time to get Busy!

Hopefully we are all over the price increase over the last few years due to so many factors. F3X will reintroduce a higher level of support for our models. This means better selection, more parts, parts faster.

The ARIS, Acacia II F3F, Zenith, Tragi & Nemesis, will be fully supported by spares and quicker delivery, Soon we will get our other vendors on line to help with better support. Some of these guys are the artist types and you get what you get when you get it is still a way of life,

6/21/05 Acacia II DS New version of the Acacia II DS are in the molds, new wider stronger stiffer spar, new wider stronger stiffer wing joiners, new bigger stronger stiffer v tail. I think this one will be stronger and stiffer what do you think? I have 2 coming and nobody knows about them so call me and get one. Price? About 1200.00 USD.
6/21/05 Starlight's F3X will now carry the Starlight F3J series of models. Look for them soon!
6/21/05 V2 are here! The new V2 slopers are in. only 225.00! Be the first on your block to have one!!
6/21/05 Zeniths, Vikings & Birds are in Yep all here. Get 'em while they are available!
6/1/05 Vikings and Birds Vikings and Birds are in LA early so they will be here maybe by the weekend? Vikings are the next great F3F offerings from VV models and the Birds are 60" slopers. I have 3 Vikings and 10 Birds. (5 carbon birds, 5 glass).
5/27/05 ARIS ARIS shipment came in and was shipped out to those on the list, Sorry everybody didn't get one but the next cycle is in work so be patent. More coming in 2-3 months!!
3/29/05 Zeniths x tails. Zenith's are ready for import now I am only waiting on X 21's to fill the shipping box and we should see a bunch of models soon.
3/29/05 ARIS ARIS are ready for import so I should see them in 2 weeks. Get your order in as I have 4 only left. Next shipment would be October/November.
3/27/05 Nissan Pathfinder Selling 'Old Blue" It runs great, its 4WD, its old, it has AC, PW, PDL> AM/FM/Cassette & 6 disc CD changer. Rancho lift and Rancho 9000 shocks. Good gas and go truck. Great slope vehicle! 230,000 miles only driven EVERYWHERE!
2/25/05 Bear Today I put my Golden Retriever Bear down, he was just shy of 15 years old and will be missed.more than I can ever say. This photo was on our last real long road trip (of so many) to the F3F VRQ 2001 taken somewhere on I5 going to Los Banos. Bear is in his usual driving position looking out the front window soaking up some of the A/C. Boy he loved my old Pathfinder you couldn't get him out of it or drive off without him inside. He would come out to "help" in the shop and wouldn't be happy unless I had the back of the truck open so he could sit and watch over everything. Later when he couldn't jump in anymore by himself I made a step and he could go as he pleased. Yesterday I bought a new to me -02 Jeep Grand Cherokee but today we took our l;ast ride in the old blue Pathfinder together. If I could I would dig a big hole and put him to rest inside. He might have liked that.
2/15/05 Mini Falcons Back in stock! All 3 colors.
2/15/05 Nemesis are here! 5 carbon and 5 glass versions are in!! FINALLY!!
1/12/05 ARIS Get in line for the next ARIS delivery due in March 05. The ARIS is simply outstanding! I have to put it on top of the "must have" list.
1/04/05 Happy New Year!! New Electrics and powered models added to the site. We are truly working on a new site with the shopping cart to streamline buying the park flyer models and tons of electric accessories. Unfortunately the old F3X site will lose some of the existing design and feel but I will try and integrate what I have with what I need so we don't look like the rest E-Commerce sites and shove "add to cart" buttons down your throat! We like you more than that: :-) Check out the toys in the Electric and Glow sections.
12/01/04 Building Service I will build any Hangar9 ARF http://www.horizonhobby.com (Kit, servos, motor and accessories purchased from F3X) for $75.00 ~ $300 depending on the kit. Twist 3D 100.00, FuntanaS90 = 200.00 call me for a quote!
12/01/04 E-Flight I have some Mini Funtana 3D ARF, Tribute 3D ARF, Ultimate 3D ARF all coming in January, I have the new e-flight 20 & 40 amp brushless speed control coming and hacker E3-49 motors. Micro servos etc. F3X is getting into electric 3D big time!!
11/18/04 F3X gets Gooey! Yep. I will be flying a little power soon so look out at the field. F3X will also carry some cool electric and glow models starting with the Funtana 90S. Electric or glow. 209.00! Amazing kit and quality at this low price!
1/18/04 Acacia 2 F3F I have 4 just in. get 'em while they are HOT!
11/18/04 Voltij's are in I have those S/O Voltij's in today!
10/17/04 From Germany Just finished with the VR 2004. Big report coming when I get time. I would like to thank everyone for hosting a great race and all the hard work planning and running a great event. We flew 19 rounds and 80% of round 20 before the rain put an end to it. I could have used a 2nd throw out but no go. The Germans were top form someone said flying against 2x VR champion Martin Herrig is like racing F1 against Michael Schumaker!
8/26/04 Toys are IN OK, I have lots of stuff in stock so check it out. Miraj's, Prodij's, Arkanj's, Passaj's, F3F NYX carbons, UHM Furio's, Tragi's 705X, X 21's btw. A boat load of Mini Falcons are in transit.
8/4/04 Stupid Fun OK, you all know I stick with the high end competitive stuff but I like to have stupid fun as well as the next guy so here is what I will be offering on a new line of fun models. We will F3X it up a bit but the concept is fun for low $$. Check it out. Here. VIDEO
8/4/04 Aris, Viking I have my first Aris and Viking. They are sweet! The detail on the Aris is amazing! The Viking is incredibly stiff EVERYWHERE and reasonably light at 69oz Kit weight for that much carbon and being a F3F monster. The F3B version is lighter. I am building the Aris now and will post pics soon.
7/30/04 Aeromod models

I have 1/2 my order here. 2-piece wing Prodij's and 1 Arkanj (w/broken v tail :-( Will be replaced.

My 2nd 1/2 is on the way with 4 Passaj's and 1 Voltij. And a few Miraj kits.

7/16/04 Tragi 705X UHM The new 705X with UHM spars are here. Ultra High Modules carbon is stiffer than regular carbon at the same weight. These new 705X models have improved flap horns and as always the finish and quality are top shelf. 8 only. Winner of Visalia Fall Fest in '03 so you know it's a landing machine. Full F3J/F3B strength with machined brass ballast and wire harness included. Call me if you want the best.
7/2/04 Hades2 is BACK I get so many pilots wanting a model that they can thermal and slope and aggressively sport fly and get this: they want it affordable too! Well Here it is:2.8m, 78oz RTF, RG15, V tail, ballast tube & adjustable tow hook. All the quality expected from Breta models. I have them on order The mfg and F3X made a special price one these ships. 725.00/ea. At toady's exchange rate Thai's like $500.00 was 2 years ago. No one offers that level of quality at this price!
7/1/04 Aeromod More models arriving from Aeromod soon, Miraj, Prodij2 2-piece wings, Passaj's and 2 Arkanj (the kit versions to keep cost down.) The Arkanj is a fully competitive no compromise F3F racer for those that don't mind putting in some extra assembly time to save a few bucks.
6/29/04 Tragi 705X UHM New shipment of 705X with UHM spars are on the way. Full on all weather F3J ships and still light for AMA TD. Faultless quality and finish. Only 10 coming so call me now.
6/19/04 SPAM Due the large amount of SPAM emails I get I have some aggressive filters in place and I might lose your e-mail if suspect. If you do not receive a reply e-mail from me in two days please pick up the phone and call. I am here to help if I can. Thank you....Tom
6/9/04 Zenith X tail's Some of the new Zenith X tails are flying, Early reports are VERY GOOD. The extra weight of the X tail is offset by the CG needing to move back with the larger tail area. I will post specs when we find the magic CG.
6/9/04 new site host

F3X is now on a bigger web host so expect more videos and photos of Fun events, I just didn't have the room before to cover the fun events. Going from 40MB to 120MB should be fun. Also a forum and shopping cart are now possible.

It does look like some photos were cropped in the transfer so I will update those as I work along.

5/29/04 New 60" A new molded 60" is coming. HN354, v tail and available either with or without flaps. More info soon.
5/24/04 ISR Well I finally won the International Slope Race at Davenport, CA. It's been one I wanted for a long time and it was great to win with most of the "old timers" present again. I cut my slope racing teeth at the ISR in the early 80's and had good results but never a win. This ISR trophy will go next to my Visalia Fall Fest and my International F3F 1st place trophies.
5/10/04 Spare parts I have a few spare parts here for Artemis. I have a new v tail fuse and 2 new center panels. I also have some used parts listed on the consignment page so if your model is grounded these might get you back flying on the cheap.



Finally, X 21- x tails, Zenith X tails and some Pike Parts will be delivered tomorrow. I am leaving for the VRQ on Thursday so I will start shipping everything when I return on Tuesday.
4/18/04 Tragi V tail only Who needed a new Tragi v-tail? It's here but I lost the e-mail with the order. Ooops. Found you!! Thanks.
4/18/04 Deliveries My X21, Zenith X tails, Pike Superior and Pike Parts order will arrive in a week so if your on the list for any of the above call or e-mail me to arrange delivery.
4/16/04 Furio DS Yes, A killer DS Furio is being made special (extremely special) for a customer. Want in? e-mail me but have your wallet ready! Not Cheap! (but less than an ICON)
4/16/04 Aeromod ORDER I am placing a new order for Aeromod models, Miraj, Arkanj, Passaj, Voltij and 2-piece Prodij. So. If you want something e-mail me ASAP!
3/5/04 Yada, yada, yada... You usually don't see me advertise in the model mags or boast daily on the e-groups. I figure that if you need the best you know where to find me. Other companies are probably doing it right by living on the e-groups and answering every possible e-mail with a add saying how great their models are but I figure that my models and the builders I work with can stand on there own. F3X has the stuff you need to win; we are competition pilots and know what works and what doesn't. Sometimes we need to boast a little but look up what the winners are flying and see for yourself.
3/5/04 F3X Update It's been a while from since last post. Here is what's happening. With the USD/Euro ratio I have limited my orders for stock waiting out for a stronger dollar and for customers to digest that the "Good Old Days" are gone. You know back when a world class moldy was only 850.00. Well it's very clear that the prices are up and will stay up. Baby these are the good old days now! I have kept a low profile lately but its time to get back to work, I sent $27,000.00 over for new orders and should see delivery in 4 to 6 weeks. We are back on track and the only thing that will kill me is if the USD gets weak and I am stuck with over cost inventory. So don't let that happen and get your order in early and give these models a new home.

New models I am excited about:

New X 21 X tail. I really liked the UHM V tail and have a few LT TD versions on the way. Plus a few UHM X tails too.

Carbon Nemesis and Mini NYX. Hopefully I sent enough money over to persuade them to make the Mini NYX with flaps and in carbon. So look for them early summer.

Tragi 705X. Only 2 left and next deliveries are 9 months out so I am ordering now. Get in soon and wait it out you won't be sorry!

Zenith X tails. Will be here on the next shipment due in 4 to 6 weeks. These were the last models I was waiting for to fill the crate so now they are all getting on the boat and we will see them soon.

For later this year: A new F3J model from Breta. I am afraid it will not be ready for the F3J worlds this summer but we should see it in time for Visalia.

Stings, New Stings and the new Viking are catching on strong in the F3F world and now new order deliveries are 9 months out. It seams the good guys that make the good toys are worth waiting for.

F3X still has the good stuff! If you want the quality and a tool that won't let you down you know where to go! F3X baby!

1/15/2004 Breta models are in Nemesis, Artemis carbon D tube X tails and finally some spare parts.
11/29/03 Update The Tragi 705X carbons are in! It's always a pleasure to unpack Tragi models and admire the quality. A shipment from Breta models are due today or tomorrow with new Artemis X and Nemesis plus some spare parts. My Trip to Czech was delayed but I should get the work in the shop finished by the end of the week and reschedule for late January. The Boss prototypes are coming along well. I want to try one more wing first and then it's into production. X 21 X tails and Zenith X tails will be here soon. I am just compiling shipments to save a little $$ on delivery. The Prodij2 is in stock.
11/16/03 The BOSS 60" EPP DS & Slope racer Coming January 2004!
11/16/03 X 21 Now with X tails. Photos to come!
11/05/03 Zenith X tails Yes. I will be picking up 6 of the New Zenith X tail models next month. 4 are sold and first come first served on the rest. Taking deposits now. Get yours before Christmas.
11/05/03 Aeromod New Prodij2 models are on the way. 1 Arkanj and a few Passaj wings too. The Prodij2 has a new carbon fuse from a new mold. A little easier to build.
11/05/03 Tragi 705X New shipment of Tragi 705X F3J all Carbon models are on the way. I should see them in the next week or two. $1450.00
11/5/03 Seiko watches are in. Back in Stock. Retail $115.00. F3X $ 100.00
9/10/03 New Acacia 3 meter I have 4 in the box in transit. 25mm ballast tube (ISR Version) No photos yet but with the larger span and same super fast airfoil with the ease of x tail transport and trimming it looks good to me. Click here for 3 view.
9/05/03 WOW 27.91. New F3F WR. Stefan Holbfer and the F3F NYX. We know this model is fast but we are also using the same molds to build light weight thermal models. The versatility of the F3F NYX is outstanding.
9/04/03 Samba Orders. Now All Samba orders are shipped factory direct to you. What this means is that you do not have to wait for a large shipment to come to me then out to you. You should get parts and models faster. The lead time as of TODAY is 13 weeks for new orders. The models will be package and shipped by Samba to you. 2- models in the same box splits shipping cost. Expect shipping for 1 model to be about 150.00. Call for exact quote. Call for new prices.
8/26/03 F3J TS

Just final tweaking on the toys and getting packed for Denver. I have a good Zenith carbon, NYX XLT and a X-21 to take. I also have my first set of prescription eyeglasses so maybe I can stay with the pack downwind now.

I also have a few extra FAI chutes that I can bring to Denver. 25.00 ea. Any extras are available after the TS. Yes these are the best chutes available. Friends don't let friends fly junk!

8/20/03 NYX F3F XLT Fun Fun Fun, man this is THE Sport model to have, if you fly AMA TD-F3F/Slope or just like to get high and shred this is for you. Yes, it thermals very well and is so adjustable on landing approach. The 110""span wing is very crisp and the flaps are extremely effective. Not for the gas bag crowd but if you fancy yourself a hot dog and want more from your TD ship then get one. There is nothing like being skied out with 1 minute to go, point it straight down and rape the air for 35 seconds then enter downwind w/1/4 flaps and nail the spot.
8/20/03 NYX XLT I built a 3.2m NYX XLT for the F3J Selections and Visalia a little over 4 hours with Tim Cone's help. One of the Lime Green/Purple that I had in stock. The parts weight is 4oz lighter than the D tube I have in stock. The RTF weight is 68. My first NYX (#2 out of the mold) had the small pushrod for the elevator and weighed about 71oz and later NYX's come in around 73 or so. This one flies light but still has the cruse speed of the D tube. The flaps are way too big at this weight so I cut travel to about 50 deg. Sweet flying ship. I have 2 more in stock one green/purple and one red/blue.
8/20/03 X 21 I finally finished my X 21. This is the prototype that I received 1 year ago. All carbon UHM spar. 76oz RTF. Launches are amazing and crisp handing. I was planning on taking this to the F3J TS in Denver for a windy ship. The first day was a contest at EDSF on Saturday. I got one winch tow before the contest. The Tasks were 4, 8, 8, 8. I flew without a skeg and shot 65, 90, 0, 95. The 0 was also 1 1/2 minuets short on time but the others were within a second of target. Not bad for a fast ship first time out. I cant wait to get this one and the Furio on the slope.
7/23/03 Furio Flies! First Furio flights today. F3B winch w/180lb mono. 10~12 mph head wind. Had the sizzling' bacon sound going! Stiff wing, great zooms. AT 11oz ft2 its quick, covers ground very well. I did mostly tuning today and thermal with it and some dry speed runs, turns very well but I had no ballast today. Thermals good, I think a D tube version would be a good F3J model, good handing. Great first day now off to the slope tomorrow for some tweaking and F3F runs.
7/21/03 Furio Mine is 99.99999 % finished, First flight tomorrow. 76oz at 100mm CG. Just cycling the batts in the TX and RX and final set up. Very stiff very solid model. I did take some pics along the way so look for them.
7/19/03 Shipment in F3F NYX Carbon, F3F NYX XLT, Mini NYX-Electric and Nemesis are in. 2 NYX-Furio UHM carbon in also. Some needed spares are here too!!!
7/11/03 F3X@yahoogroups.com I am re activating the F3X groups and it's open to anybody. This list is for questions, set up tips, models for sale, parts needed or for sale of anything F3X sells. Join in and share your info with others. Join by clicking the subscription box on the main page. I had to nuke the old group and members to make the change so please re subscribe.
7/10/03 New Shipment F3F NYX carbon, F3F NYX D tube (sport , TD, and F3F with the same model!) Nemesis and a limited supply of Mini NYX Electric models due in 20 days.
7/10/03 Arkanj 2.8m F3F model from Aeromod. 725.00 Euros. I will throw some pic up on the web.
7/9/03 Tragi 705X I have 2 Tragi 705X d-tube models available now. Yellow/red and yellow/blue. E-mail me if your interested.
6/25/03 New Models I have the new NYX Furio (F3J and F3B lay ups) and a few F3F NYX LT (68oz carbon D tube) coming in a few weeks. I should also see the first new Mini NYX w/flaps in the same shipment and more Nemesis. If you want one of the Furio's contact me ASAP and get a deposit down to hold the model. I can quote the cost in Euros but the final price depends on the USD rate against the Euro. The F3F NYX LT is a great sport model and contest ship. It will win at F3F & TD.
6/17/03 News

It's been very quiet lately but things are starting to break loose, I do have some shipments in transit with a few small surprises that some of you will enjoy.

That darn Euro is really kicking our butt and driving higher prices.

We are flying the Tragi 705X and will have some reports and set up hints on the site soon.

Bandit 60 is back on the board, I am finishing up the prototype that was started over a year and a half ago and have production plans in work, expect to see some new designs coming from the shop and a new category of survivable models available this summer.

5/13/03 Mini NYX Brian Buas just finished his Mini NYX at 26oz RTF! She really scoots and stays aloft on the lightest of lift. Be thankful of the large ballast tube for stronger days!
5/13/03 Prodij In stock, a new shipment just in. Sorry about the price increase they went up 35.00 ea. to my door and I only raised it 25.00. I might have to reduce my orders on everything connected to the Euro until the USD gets stronger.
5/2~5/4 Out to RACE. I will be at the ISR this weekend and away from the e-mail and phone, I have some things to ship and my New boxes will be ready early next week and then everything goes.
4/25/03 DS maintenance DS causes accelerated speeds and accelerated stress on models so you will need to pay very close attention to your equipment to keep it in top shape. Most "Glider Guys" build a model once and only do repairs when something is broke. When something breaks in DS you usually don't get a 2nd chance. Check those servos, replace them when you get extra slop. I say replace them because the servo cases usually get sloppy and don't hold the pins as well after a few "Flutter Tests" sessions. When you do flutter the wing punch out just land take a good look at the structure, servos, control horns and linkage. How many times have you heard that a pilot went for "one more wrap" after hearing the wing or tail flutter and blow the model up? Flutter rips the seam joints on wings, loosens the mounts on tails, tears the hinges. Check it out and repair it before it lets loose.
4/22/03 NYX F3F LT/XLT I am having a few more special built F3F LT models made, This project started after I flew the first carbon F3F NYX. The F3F NYX is about the best handling model I have ever flown. It reads and climbs very well, the control on landing is really good. The handling was so good I asked them to build a XLT version for Visalia 2002 but it arrived only a day before the contest (after sitting in customs for 10 days). This first model is on the consignment page now, est weight is 66 oz RTF. The HN785TC airfoil thermals well and you can be abusive on the elevator on landing approach and the ship just keeps coming. It is very clean and fast and flies great at the heavier loadings so a XLT version that weighs 20 oz less should kick ass in TD. 110" span, big flaps, x tail and stiff spar should make these baby's some hot rod TD ships. The new ones will be a bit heavier than the XLT I have on consignment because I asked for a carbon D tube and ballast tube for more of a dual F3F/TD version. That should add 4 to 5oz overall. I only ordered 4 and 2 are left.
4/15/03 Waiting Lists!

Q. Why is there a waiting list? Why can't I get what I want when I want it?

A. Hand made models in LIMITED supply. I try and make a bunch of orders 10 models at a time to try and keep a flow of toys arriving, If I order 20 at a time I won't see deliveries for 6 or 8 months so I try and get 10 every 2 to 3 months. That's the plan anyway and sometimes it works. We only get 20 or 30 of some of these models in the USA per year so if you really like something and want to own it let me know so I will get you on the list and get you your toy ASAP. Not everything is special order, only some of the newest or most popular models have a list. I try and stock everything as best as possible.

4/15/03 Tragi 705X All sold. Pic's will be posted showing the incredible detail. Taking names for the next batch.
4/15/03 F3F NYX All are sold from this shipment and I am taking names for the next delivery, call or e-mail me soon to get on the list, I have special ordered some more for early delivery so you should see them in a few months, If your not on the list you might miss out again.
4/10/03 F3X bags The shipment is delayed for 1 week., Sorry.
4/10/03 Order time!!!!!!

I can't believe its time to make some more BIG orders. Call me if you want something special. I am placing orders for about $50,000.00 of models for summer delivery so get in your request NOW..

What's new?

The NYX boys are flight testing their new F3B model, the Furio. Its roughly based on the F3F NYX with bigger span. Actually it looks like a F3F NYX but is a completely new model. They bought a CNC machine last year and are putting it to good use with new designs. They can put a model into production in just a few months now. They will use this machine to make a special F3J wing to go on the Furio fuse that should be available this summer. (Rumor has it is a MH32)

Samba is continuing with the successful Superior design, now available with a x tail and as always different lay ups for different tasks. The Brio will FINALLY be ready in a month or two. MG06 airfoil F3F model. I asked for this model 1 1/2 years ago. They were too busy selling Superiors to finalize the fuse design.

Acacia III??? Maybe we will see the first one shortly. In flight testing now and I will report more news when I know something solid.

X21. X tail in work but we won't see that until late this year or early next year. Don't hold your breath just yet.

4/09/03 Tragi 705X They are here and they are everything you would expect them to be. Perfect! I have 1 or 2 left from cancellation and available, first come first serve. Next delivery will be after the F3J Team Selections! Complete with special paint, wire harness and machined brass ballast slugs. I will have some pics up shortly.
4/06/03 How To Check out the assembly and set up tips in my "How To" section. The info there is not really designed to carry you step by step through every single minute process but it is there to give you useable information with some processes that might be new to you. You need to fill in the small gaps with your experiences and knowledge to become a better pilot/builder. Share any tips you have with me. I am looking for some customer input and builders tips.
4/05/03 NYX Electric 3.2 meter! Check out this conversion! Click HERE.
4/05/03 Samba I have 4 Pike Brios (F3F MG06) coming in May/June carbon, 2-piece v tails, nose cone fuse. If you want one or need one let me know and we will get your colors on order.
4/05/03 DS models Hey DS Junkies! DS Acacia II models are in stock and I have only 1 F3F NYX left.
4/05/03 Almost Gone! Nemesis and Mini NYX are almost gone so get your order in NOW or wait until summer for the next delivery and miss those early flying days. F3F NYX I have 1 left as of today. Red top/blue bottom. If your into DS, F3F or just want to have the fastest model on the slope then jump in and get it.
4/02/03 Tragi 705X In transit from Tragi! Left last week and should be here late this week or early next! After a few days of fondling I will get to those backorders.
3/23/03 2003 If you noticed I am trimming down the model versions I carry, my 2003 inventory will lose most of the heavier std glass models in favor of the newer lightweight UHM carbon and D tube versions, the newer carbon models offer superior stiffness and usually lighter weight than the std glass ships. F3X is a top shelf supplier and will stay that way. Once you make the commitment to step up into the high level competition models the carbon versions are simply the best choice.
3/22/03 NYX TD XLT. Yes XLT. These specially constructed models are for the serious AMA TD pilot. The RTF weight on these special models is mid 60's. Strong, great legs the NYX in known for plus a slower final approach on landing. The construction is similar to the Artemis LT wing for good durability. The only way to make this version is to watch absolutely every gram of material that goes into the construction, only the best balsa is used for the core chosen for grain and weight, precise assembly to minimize all glue lines makes these very special models labor intensive and that's why you wont see these everyday. In fact I have only seen 1 example prior to this shipment.
3/22/03 F3F NYX I have 6 only in stock. These are the ultra strong carbon version, Great for DS, F3F and now they have a tow hook so you can have some fun on the F3B winch. The fit and finish on these models needs to be seen. They are easily one of the best F3F models available anywhere.
3/22/02 Artemis LT X tail Back in stock after a long wait. All my F3J/TD/F3F models from Breta come pre wired and have ballast kits included in the price.
3/18/03 Breta Models I just got a call from LAX and the shipment is in the USA. Should be here in 2 days!!!!!
3/17/03 New F3X bags F3X bags are coming, These are extremely high quality model bags made from "Ballistic Kevlar" (similar to the material used in motorcycle suits) They are taller to fit the cross tail models. They are wide enough to fit 2 models. l-64 w-8 h-15. They will fit 2 complete x tail 2 piece wing models. The dividers are removable and can be positioned to custom fit your model. There are provisions for plastic inserts that fit just under the outside layer and will provide superior protection to your models. It's like a hard sided soft case. Wide padded straps and a 15" parts pocket. They are all a very cool looking gray/silver color. The company that made these for me used the last run of the ballistic material on hand so these first 50 bags will be of this special premium material at a special price. The next run will use the Cordura nylon that you have seen before. They are washable (with foam removed) These will NOT fit the Zenith (The Jim Bags will) They will fit all the other F3J/F3F/F3B models listed on F3X. The v tails are still a problem. Yes, they will also fit an Icon. The intro price is 175.00. (Its BETTER material and offers MORE protection AND you could fit 2 models per bag!) I have 5 only with back pack straps for you hiking slope pilot types. 195.00. I wish I had these for the 02 Viking Race!
3/17/03 X21, Zenith Carbons. Are here.
3/17/03 Breta Models Shipment is not here yet. I will fill your backorders when it arrives. I expect it any day now.
3/06/03 New toys Zenith, X 21, NYX TD, Acacia II DS, Prodij, Miraj, Pike Plus LT V & X tail, Pike Superior (1 only), Artemis LT V (1 only), New Sting F3B/F are in stock now.
3/06/03 F3J stuff Every F3J TS year I tell you guys to order early so be warned! I have a limited selection of hand tow items: Wrist Straps, winches, spools. I am out of tow pulleys and very, very short on chutes. Zero mono (you have to find your own!) I don't plan on ordering any more so its time to sink or swim.
2/27/03 Acacia II DS Just 3 left. Special version for DS, narrow control surfaces and lots and lots of carbon. Already went 168 on a 15mph day at Parker. 10X
2/27/03 NYX- F3J I have 4 NYX in stock, The same model that put 4 in the top 11 spots at Visalia last year. Carbon D tube versions, cross tail w/wire harness and ballast.
2/27/03 Pike Plus LT Only 2 PPL V-tail models left. These are the light versions w/carbon D tube wings and canopies. Low 70's weight.
2/27/03 Tragi 705X Tragi says middle of March for delivery.
1/30/2003 Acacia II DS Yes the DS monster version of the Acacia II is here. Carbon everywhere, stronger everywhere, special narrowed control surfaces for reduced flutter. Only 1 left 1000.00 White &blue/green
1/30/2003 NYX D tube Models in stock. 4 only, 70 oz RTF.
1/30/2003 1 Pike Superior in stock. Only 1 Pike Superior left in stock. D tube F3J version. 71oz RTF. weight. New Kit from customer cancellation, next delivery is 4 months so get one now if you want one.
1/30/2003 TOYS!! Oh Boy! Big shipment coming! Nemesis, Mini NYX, F3F NYX, XLT NYX TD-64oz NYX models!! Carbon Zenith's. UHM X-21 (4 only), Tragi 705x. (1 only), Spare parts etc.
1/6/03 Tragi

The Tragi page is updated, sorry no photos of the new X tail yet. These new models have a long lead time but I ordered 9 months ago and should see the first delivery in February.

The current line up is the 703, 704 & 705. V and X tail versions. The 701/702 series are supported by spares only.

1/1/03 Pike Plus LT v-tail I have 2 and only 2 Pike Plus LT carbon D tube F3J models with the one piece v-tail in stock. Awesome 72~73 oz F3J and TD ship. The same version was the F3J WC model in 2000. Available for adoption to a good home. Call me.
1/1/2003 Happy New Year!! 2003 should be a great year for F3X. There are plans in work to streamline the model business while expanding the composite business (My real job.) New toys are being molded and tested and this summer we should see the next generation of models. I am getting a strong handle on the shipping issue and the shopping cart should be in place soon. This way you do all the grunt work on writing up your order and I can answer all your pre purchase and set up questions as usual. Turn a round on orders should be much faster and I can get to bed earlier. (I must be getting old) F3X.com site has more photos and information on the models we carry to help you decide what is right for you. With the How To's and set up info plus competition tips we will get you in the winners circle if you are up to the challenge. Our focus is still on competition and you will only find the very best F3F/F3B/F3J and TD ships here.
12/28/02 Consignment models Where do the consignment models come from? Some are models that I put together to take photos on the How To page and models that I flight test so I can write up real opinions on the flying qualities of new designs. At F3X we fly what we sell. We sell what works and we try to give honest appraisals of the models listed. I have to pay for these models and servos just like you do and every now and then I need to clear out the hanger and I offer these on the consignment page. All of the models I build have the very best servos installed and are ready for competition whether it's F3B, F3F, F3J or AMA TD. These are ready to go. The other models I put up are from friends and I usually know the history behind them. As usual no junk on our consignment page. Friends don't let friends fly junk!