Who in the hell is running this place?


Tom Copp.

Composite Specialties is my little company. It's primary business is composite consulting, prototype development and manufacturing from your concepts using my 20+ years of composite manufacturing experience primarily in the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry and with race cars. I take what I know and apply it to your project to get you what you want, when you want it (mostly) for a price you can live with. 

So Composite Specialties sells model sailplanes through the web site www.f3x.com. It's a secondary business for me, more like a big hobby (sometimes too big) supplying competition models to the USA from manufactures located all over the globe. Before CS/F3X came on line in 1999 you could only read about the models I sell, and only in European magazines. (A few others have tried this before but with the internet I hope to have a better chance.)  These models are not really a good investment for the other full time US distributors because of the sharply focused niche market and the higher cost for performance models. With the small profit margin's on molded models (the big money/low risk is in the accessories!) it didn't add up. This is where the hobby part comes in.

What I bring to you are the very best models available for sale to the public and offer an informative, friendly (on a good day) English speaking source of information on these type of toys. CS has an impact on the way the models are constructed and manufactured. Many of the designs offered here started out for the European style of competition and conditions. i.e. 10 minute durations, 1 meter landing circle and wind. What you now see are lighter, more technical versions for the US style  i.e. lighter construction, bigger bottom hinged flaps and now cross tails. The 3rd generation of models now appearing are new designs built specifically for the USA. These are not a step backwards simply for better marketability.  I expect these models to push the envelope in performance and be very capable of winning any USA TD contest or FAI event. Stay tuned, it's a slow process to ask the manufactures for these changes in already successful designs to suite us Yanks. 

So when you call, email or fax Composite Specialties/F3x.com you get me. Tom Copp. I will try and provide answers to your questions and keep searching for exciting models to offer the US pilots. As I said this is a side business and sometimes I can't apply all the time necessary to help everyone immediately. Relax, take a deep breath, go flying and give me a chance to get to you. CS/F3X plans to stay with the cutting edge toys and these things take effort and time. It's worth it. 

Good lift.





Last modified: October 04, 2001