New TRAGI 801X F3J!




Span: 140.00
Area: 1143
Weight: 1950g 68ox RTF!

A new TRAGI for F3J, Look at the 3 view. One piece fuse w/canopy 2.4 friendly, the F3J CARBON version is only 68oz RTF! Dude!!!! Tragi quality is 2nd to none. 17:1 aspect ratio. 24oz ballast, 3-piece wing. X tail all at this low weight, high quality and design. Time to move on up guys. Why buy a heavier, lower quality, flexy~r glass ship at almost the same price? I will stock the full carbon F3J competition version w/ballast, wire harness, special paint and will special order the Carbon D box if for some reason you want one even lighter!

9/16/09 update. the Tragi is a TD machine! Joe Rodriguez placed 2nd at Sacramento with the 801. I got a 3rd in SC2 and won a few bucks in the landing pool and we don't fly much TD anymore. Its the best landing model I have flown. Tracking and speed control is perfect. Nimble when slow and solid elevator thru the drive to the spot.

update 4/09: I have in my hot hands the first 801x models. They are perfect. I can not properly express the quality of this model. You have to hold one to experience it. The RTF weight is 68oz for a full carbon wing, HM spar, carbon aft fuse and glass/Kevlar 2.4 friendly nose. The ballast tube is installed, the servo tray installed, horns pre drilled etc. The leading edge is perfect = smooth as a baby's butt. You know the specs, but you owe it yourself to fell the Tragi difference. Bad news is they don't crank these out in large numbers. Be exclusive and own something to be proud of and kick ass with!